Tuesday 4 August, 2020

Another shooting grips Spanish Town

Anxiety and dislocations gripped Spanish Town in St Catherine on Sunday evening into night, as a man is feared dead after being shot and seriously wounded on Burke Road in the heart of the old capital.

Reports were that sometime after dark, gunfire rang out on the roadway near the main commercial complex in the town, and not far from the police station, and after it died down, the man was found suffering from gunshot wounds.

He was taken to hospital, but so far his condition has not been formally established amid wide-scale speculation that he has died.

The shooting and subsequent police processing of the crime scene forced major dislocation in traffic arrangements and commercial operations along a stretch of one of the town's main thoroughfares.

The incident is the latest of a string of murderous attacks in the town, which has contributed to making the St Catherine North Police Division the dubious leader among the murder statistics so far this year.

Further detail on Sunday's shooting will be provided in subsequent reports.




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