Friday 3 July, 2020

Jury deliberations underway in Tesha Miller trial

Tesha Miller

Tesha Miller

The seven-member jury in the closely-watched trial of Tesha Miller, the reputed leader of one faction of the feared Clansman gang, is now deliberating Miller’s fate.

The case was handed over to the jurors by presiding judge, Justice Georgiana Fraser at minutes to 11 Tuesday morning.

Justice Fraser, who ruled last week that Miller had a case to answer, handed the case over to the jurors after two days of summation. A verdict could be handed down as early as Tuesday as six women and one man now ponder Miller’s fate.

He was on trial for the June 2008 murder of then Chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Douglas Chambers. Specifically, Miller has been accused of being an accessory to murder, before and after the fact.

A former, now incarcerated member of the gang, who was the prosecution’s main witness, testified that he was present when Miller gave the order for Chambers to be killed.

Miller in an unsworn statement denied ordering the hit and he also denied knowing the 29-year-old accused who said he had been affiliated with the murderous gang from he was 13-year-old.

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