Thursday 18 July, 2019

Judge continues summation and instructions to jury in McLean trial

The jury could be asked to deliberate as early as Monday in the Michael McLean murder trial which is ongoing in the Home Circuit Court.

McLean is before the court for the murder of a family of six, including four children in February, 2006.

Presiding high court judge, Bertram Morrison, has been summing up the case for the seven-member jury since late last week and is expected to complete his summation soon.

A total of 15 witnesses including forensic experts and at least two senior retired police officers as well as McLean’s ex-girlfriend and nanny testified at the trial.

During closing arguments last week, the attorney who is providing technical assistance for McLean who is representing himself, Carlton Colman, told the court that the prosecution did not make its case against McLean.  Colman told the jurors that the police were in a rush to convict McLean and as such did not conduct a proper investigation. He implored them to return a verdict of not guilty.

However, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewellyn, urged the jurors to return a guilty verdict. She described McLean as a “cold liar.”  She told the jurors that his fixation with his penis, obeah and a blood sacrifice were the main reasons he killed the six family members.

She said his ego would not allow him to admit to these things, hence his repeated lies to the court during the trial.

In recounting the gruesome killings, Llewellyn told the court during closing arguments that five of the victims “met their deaths with a clean cut to the neck.” She described them as lambs to the slaughter who, were used as a “blood sacrifice.”

The DPP told the seven-member jury which will now determine McLean’s fate, to look at the totality of the evidence and not the “little pieces” cited by Colman.

McLean is being tried for the murder of his girlfriend Terry-Ann ‘Teeny’ Mohammed, her son, eight-year-old Jesse O’Gilvie, along with Mohammed’s niece, Patrice Martin-McCool and her children, six-year-old Jihad McCool, three-year-old Lloyd McCool and nine year-old Sean Chin.

McCool and two of her children were found with their throats slashed on or near the Prospect beach in St Thomas while the body of Mohammed, which also had its throat slashed, was found in bushes in Needham Pen, also in St Thomas. It also had burn marks. The decomposing body of Jihad McCool was found in a shallow grave in St Mary one week after the murders which were committed between February 25 and 26, 2006.

McLean has been in custody since he was arrested 12 years ago.

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