Thursday 9 April, 2020

JP Tropical launches new Fresh Prepared Line

David Martin, managing director of JP Tropical Group Ltd.

David Martin, managing director of JP Tropical Group Ltd.

JP Tropical Group is building out as a Caribbean food group, with the addition of a new Fresh Prepared Line.

The Fresh Prepared Line, which includes both ready-to-cook and baked products, will complement the existing fresh produce and snacks range produced by the JP Tropical Group’s subsidiaries, JP Tropical Foods and Tortuga Rum Cake (TRC) Limited.

This newly launched Fresh Prepared line by JP Tropical Foods saw a recent showcase of its Ready-to-Cook products at the Jamaica Producer’s Group corporate headquarters. The Ready-to-Cook products allows for the quick preparation of meals.

Packaged under the St Mary’s Food brand, JP Tropical is introducing the Breadfruit Tostones, the first under its Ready-to-Cook products.

Packaged breadfruit tostones

The JP St Mary’s Breadfruit Tostones are pressed fried breadfruits, which can be consumed as either a spicy or sweet dish or by itself as a snack.

“We've observed a strong demand for tropical foods in the US market and the wider hemisphere. Today’s consumers want products that are convenient, whether it be in a snack form or processed,” said David Martin, managing director of JP Tropical Group Ltd.

"Honestly, people are getting busier by the day but they still want to prepare a wholesome meal for their families whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. At JP Tropical Foods, we believe in our ability to close the gap on quick, healthy and affordable meal options with our diverse offerings and over 90 years of food knowledge.”

The JP St Mary’s Breadfruit Tostones are currently being sold in the local retail trade and food service industry, as well as a private label agreement that sees the product being produced and sold in the Latino market in the US.

JP St Mary's Breadfruit Tostones topped with a mango salsa

A specific line for the local Food Service Industry, which caters to restaurants, chefs, and hotels, has also been created. This line includes Plantain Tostones (ripe and green), Cassava Sticks and Breadfruit Tostones Cup.

“The Fresh Prepared Line is a new segment of the business. We are actively working to create the demand to drive manufacturing for both our baked and ready to cook products,” Martin added.

Commenting on JP Tropical Group’ thrust to maintain its position as a leading Caribbean food group, Martin said the company has planted its seeds in the region through its farms and manufacturing and distribution facilities.

For instance, the company has production facilities in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and the Dominican Republic, producing and distributing a range of snacks, fresh foods and baked goods.

Additionally, JP Tropical Group utilises indigenous Caribbean foods and flavours to produce its snacks and baked foods.

JP Tropical Foods’ range of specialty food includes tropical snacks and fresh fruits such as pineapples and bananas, under JP St Mary’s brand.

The tropical snacks include banana, plantain, cassava and breadfruit chips and banana bread, which was introduced last year.

The JP St Mary’s Banana Bread is the first in a series of a line of baked goods to be launched by JP Tropical Foods. This product is manufactured at the JP Tropical Foods facilities on 14 Retirement Crescent in Kingston and is made with 35% of JP St. Mary's ripe bananas.

The banana bread, which is also available in a rum variant is listed in all major supermarkets and clubs.

Meanwhile, JP Tropical Group’s subsidiary, TRC, produces a wide range of rum cakes through the ‘provenance’ strategy of incorporating specific ingredients and flavours that are unique to the countries where the cakes are sold.

Among the cakes produced by TRC are the Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake; the Mexican Vanilla for Mexico; the Mamajuana Rum Cake which was made specifically for the Dominican Republic; The Great Cake made for Barbados; The Key Lime made for Florida and the Original Tortuga Rum Cake, a staple in the Cayman Islands.

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