Thursday 2 July, 2020

JN apologies for making reference to Iran in cyber attack advisory

The Jamaica National Group has apologised for making specific references to the Iranian government and people as well as the US government, in a cybersecurity advisory that the company sent out on Tuesday.

However, it added: "We are aware of increased malicious cyber activities online and are, therefore, concerned about the possible negative impact on you, our members, your business and personal activities.”

JN said the financial institution remains vigilant in its assessments and “consequently, in your best interest, we urge you to be alert, and not to expose yourself to online correspondence with mal-intent.”

The JN Group Cybersecurity Unit said it is encouraging increased vigilance using email communications at this time.

It advises Jamaicans to protect themselves by exercising caution when clicking on links and opening email attachments even when the sender is known.

Further, online users are advised not to open attachments with the following extensions unless you have verified that the email attachment is legitimate: .exe, .js, .com, .scr, .Jar, .msc, .vb, .vbs, .Lnk, .reg, .docm

JN said: "Do not click on links or open an attachment from someone you don’t know or are not expecting.”

It noted the use of emails using pressure tactics, for example, requesting that you act now by clicking a link to reset your password or else risk your account being disabled, is a strategy used by spammers to pressure users into clicking on links or downloading attachments.

“Don’t always trust the sender’s name as this can be easily changed,” JN said.

It also advised that consumers should protect their computer by installing security software such as Antivirus and host-based security tools.

JN Group and its member companies, the company stated: "Will never send you an email requesting that you visit one of our websites to input your personal information.”

“If you receive an email from JN Group or any JN member company, which seems suspicious, please forward the email to our customer service team at”


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