Thursday 26 November, 2020

JMMB rolls out investment management service

Group client investment manager at JMMB, Peter Thompson. 

Group client investment manager at JMMB, Peter Thompson. 

JMMB Group recently launched its investment management service solution to help medium and large-sized businesses improve their profitability. 

The JMMB Investment Management Service will help businesses better manage their cash flow and currency hedging; maximize the return on their investment portfolio and bolster how they manage their investments, JMMB said in a press release. 

“The roll-out of this service is timely, as it comes amidst a changing economic environment, characterised by low-interest rates and increased economic uncertainties. As such, businesses are seeking opportunities to better manage their liquidity, balance the return on their investment portfolio and ensure steady cash flow,” said group client investment manager at JMMB, Peter Thompson. 

He further noted that the JMMB Investment Management Service will allow business clients to benefit from JMMB’s wealth of regional expertise and ongoing research, to inform their investment management process and decision-making, without the added costs associated with hiring these kinds of experts, in-house. 

JMMB will, therefore, seek to bridge their business clients’ knowledge and technical gap, through the provision of this service.

Thompson added, “Clients will receive a customised investment strategy, in which we will allocate (investment) assets, based on their unique business needs; risk appetite; investment objective; tax and legal implications; and any investment constraints, to monitor and rebalance their investment portfolios, in order to achieve projected returns and meet their objectives.” 

The investment manager further explained that the service will be supported by current analysis of all the factors that affect a business’ portfolio performance, such as the economic outlook and any changes in the business’ circumstances, ensuring that they have the benefit of making informed and research-driven decisions.

"The business’ investment policy statement, which guides the investment strategy we chart with them, will be reviewed annually, or as necessary, given changes in the economic landscape, thereby allowing the business to benefit from market opportunities and flexibility," Thompson said. 

What's more, the JMMB Investment Management Service will allow businesses to have global exposure to a range of asset classes, including bonds, equities, fixed assets and other securities, which will be managed and tracked by the JMMB Investments team.

“At the core of this offering is a win-win partnership, in which businesses can remain focused on their core operations, while JMMB Group provides them with the necessary support to manage their liquidity and maximise return, with an affordable investment management fee structure that is flexible and allows businesses to either pay those fees upfront or opt for a performance-based approach," Thompson said.

In touting the value of this new service, Keith Duncan, JMMB Group CEO, shared, “The JMMB Group remains committed to partnering with the business community, to ensure that we support their sustainability throughout this period, and beyond, as they remain major contributors to our economy. We are happy to be able to provide a structured service like this, which will enable businesses to recover and thrive.”

JMMB said this newly launched service is in keeping with its brand promise to provide value-added services, to complement its integrated financial services model that includes a range of offerings, such as investments, banking, cambio, insurance brokerage, fund management and pension solutions.

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