Thursday 22 October, 2020

JMMB promotes employees’ business ventures at expo

JMMB openly encourages its employees to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

JMMB openly encourages its employees to pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

The JMMB Group recently hosted a promotional expo, giving 30 of its employees the opportunity to, free of charge, to showcase their personal entrepreneurial ventures, ranging from retail – clothing, jewellery, art, and accessories, to pastry-making and other professional services, to attendees.

The expo dubbed, ‘Healthy Lifestyle: Reap What You Sow,’ took place at the JMMB’s New Kingston-based head office.

In explaining the concept, Kedesha Dallas-Goode, JMMB’s culture and internal communication officer, shared, “This event is in keeping with the fulfillment of JMMB’s Vision of Love, as we are seeking to create an organizational environment in which team members can achieve their full potential, and can extend those dreams beyond the organization.”

 Adding, “As such we want to nurture each team member’s talent and provide an opportunity for them to optimize achieving their goals and encourage strategic savings and planning, by having their own personal financial planning conversation.”

JMMB Group seems to be a trendsetter in its approach, as one of the few local companies that openly encourages its employees to pursue entrepreneurial ventures, outside of their full-time employment obligations to JMMB. In so doing, JMMB is seeking to ensure that its team members can enjoy the same level of financial freedom that it promotes for its clients.

The occasion was also used to share pointers for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), including the next steps to take in registering and funding business ventures.

JMMB staff entrepreneurship expo

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All employees and attendees were also given the opportunity to engage in a FREE financial planning conversation with a financial advisor, on site. This approach allowed individuals to be even more deliberate and strategic in planning and achieving their goals.

Attendees had the opportunity to sample the offerings on display at each employee’s business’ booth, purchase early Christmas gifts and receive consultations for professional services including a legal, home décor and leadership training.

Kerri –Ann Ferguson, Senior Corporate Manager, Group Organization Learning & Development, at JMMB, shared that she was excited to be a booth holder and showcase her creations in partnership with her mother, to other team members.

She said “The financial planning conversation expo is an opportunity for us to help generate greater awareness about our businesses and generate sales. In addition to us setting up our booth, we also had a financial planning conversation with a JMMB Advisor, which provided us with a step-by-step plan, to achieve our financial goals. I am very happy to be a part of an organization that stands for team members’ greatness, embraces entrepreneurship and encourages us to pursue our passion.”

The initiative forms a part of JMMB Group’s wellness programme, which caters to the holistic development of team members.

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