Friday 27 November, 2020

JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation scholarship applications close May 31

File photo shows Patricia Sutherland (centre), chairman of the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation with past scholarship recipients.

File photo shows Patricia Sutherland (centre), chairman of the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation with past scholarship recipients.

In keeping with the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation’s commitment to transform Jamaica, through education, the foundation will continue to offer scholarships to some of the most vulnerable, but promising, students.

For this year, scholarships are available to final year students enrolled in any undergraduate degree programme at local tertiary institutions, with the exception of medical sciences, dentistry, architecture, engineering and law. Individuals may apply for this scholarship on the foundation’s website at,, by May 31, 2020.

In addition, financial assistance will also be given to students at the primary and secondary level, on a case-by-case basis.

Scholarship applicants should also be well-rounded, as evidenced by their involvement in extra-curricular activities or voluntary work done in their schools/communities; and demonstrate satisfactory academic performance. Each scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, books and/or other school-related expenses.

Kim Mair, CEO of JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation shares, “For this year, we decided to focus on providing selected final year students with scholarships, to ensure that some of the most vulnerable students, who are on the cusp of completing their programmes, are able to do so, without interruption. This will, therefore, afford them (the opportunity) to catapult to the next stage of their professional journey, seamlessly.”

Kim Mair, CEO of JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation

Mair added: “The foundation has offered almost $50 million in scholarship funds in the last five years, to over 100 recipients who have paved their path of greatness, created their own one love story and transformed their communities; some of whom have gone on to achieve international awards to pursue further studies, become trailblazers for their families as the first university graduate, among other noteworthy achievements.  We are looking forward to building on that legacy of being agents of transformation, for a new cohort of recipients.”

Patricia Sutherland, JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation chairman, in underscoring the commitment of the foundation, noted, “As we prepare for life during and the post-COVID-19 pandemic, one of the things that will help us is certainty. So, as a foundation, we continue to play our part to ensure that students can make their plans for the new academic year, no matter what schools look like in September or beyond.“ By providing scholarships the foundation seeks to encourage students to be spurred by their purpose and create their own story, by overcoming their fear and obstacles and choosing to have a positive mindset and to identify opportunities, even in crisis.  

Patricia Sutherland, JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation chairman

Sutherland added: “Financial assistance is only a part of how we choose to support our scholarship recipients.  We couple this with our Conversations for Greatness (CFG) session, which helps to develop a mindset that will unearth their own greatness as they pursue their purpose.”

The scholarship programme is aimed at positively impacting lives and transforming individuals, by bridging the financial gap for many ordinary Jamaicans, who would otherwise be challenged to afford university. In keeping with this vein and the holistic approach taken by the foundation; all scholarship recipients are exposed to transformational training, led by a trained facilitator. This transformational training workshop explores self-reflection; self-awareness; paradigm-shifting; critical-thinking; and visioning, among other areas.

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