Monday 21 September, 2020

JMMB helps clients to mould their Financial future

JMMB’s Shinelle Simpson (right) demonstrates the true meaning of partnership as she assists international management consultant of J.E. McDonald & Associates to create her masterpiece.

JMMB’s Shinelle Simpson (right) demonstrates the true meaning of partnership as she assists international management consultant of J.E. McDonald & Associates to create her masterpiece.

The JMMB Haughton Terrace team helped over 30 clients and prospective clients, to mould their financial future, during one of the company’s dynamic lifestyle events dubbed, Sculpt & Sip, held at the company’s New Kingston-based head office last week.

The relaxed atmosphere saw the attendees skillfully sculpting the evening away, as they sipped on a delectable selection of wines, complemented by scrumptious appetizers; as JMMB brought financial education to life by intertwining finance with sculpting. The event was held to show how participants can shape their financial goals with the assistance of JMMB as their financial partner, lending expertise, providing the requisite financial tools and solutions, so that they can create their own ‘masterpiece’ of financial freedom.

The evening’s proceeding was led by the artistic duo, Roberta and Stefani Dewar of Art Frenzi, following the formalities of welcome done by JMMB’s Lyle Morgan, which set the stage for the flow of the event.

Michelle Sinclair-Doyley, manager, client financial education at JMMB complemented the artistic duo, by intertwining the financial perspective of moulding one’s masterpiece. In kicking off the session, Sinclair-Doyley asked the participants to name the sculpture based on the specific goal they wished to achieve. This would serve as a symbolically representation of their vision of the financial future they were moulding, and become an automatic keepsake and constant reminder.

As Stefani instructed the audience to carefully add small pieces of clay in creating their masterpieces; Michelle likened this process to the consistent investment towards their goals. JMMB’s financial advisors were on hand to provide assistance to the participants with, under the expert guidance of Stefani and Roberta; which underscored the value of partnership and the role of expertise, which enable the attendees at the end of the evening to proudly show off their artistic prowess.

Along the way, the Art Frenzi duo helped to transform the amateur sculptors into the likes of Michelangelo, even as some persons expressed uncertainty about the outcome of their sculptors., Michelle reminded the participants of the need to have faith in the journey and believe in your advisor, to help you to create a ‘masterpiece of financial freedom.’ True to form, the invitees admittedly thoroughly enjoyed the experience, leaving inspired and pleased with the outcome of their masterpieces.

Stefani Dewar of Art Frenzi (right, standing) carefully demonstrates a technique to skillfully mould ones sculpture to the attendees at the JMMB Sculpt & Sip event hosted last week.

Each participant added their own rendition of the sculpture, ‘Partnership of Love,’ by incorporating their personal touch; this is equivalent to the unique financial circumstances, risk appetite and the needs of individuals.

In explaining further, Michelle highlighted the range of financial solutions that could be customized to suite the diverse needs of individuals and their financial circumstances. She noted that solutions such as insurance options and an emergency fund cater to unexpected financial mishaps, investment solutions including bonds, unit trusts and stocks help to bolster one’s financial portfolio, offering above average returns; while catering to the different risk appetites of clients –whether conservative, moderate or aggressive.

At the evening drew to a close, the light-hearted mood of the participants,  underscored that what may look like an impossible task to replicate or goal to achieve, was made easy with expert advice, partnership, commitment and the right tools, similar to the journey of moulding their financial future into reality.

This lifestyle event is another occasion, designed by JMMB, to provide a fun and engaging way to discuss financial planning and investment opportunities, with current and prospective clients, by tapping into their lifestyle and interests.

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