Saturday 11 July, 2020

JMMB Bank to introduce Visa debit card next month

JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited will on December 9, officially roll out its Visa debit card, following an initial announcement made at the Group’s annual general meeting, held in September.

With the introduction of the new co-branded card, JMMB Bank will discontinue the use of its proprietary debit card, in favour of the JMMB Bank Visa debit card.

Additionally, select clients with JMMB Investments Save Smart accounts will also see their accounts being retired; with the automatic option of opening a JMMB Bank account, which gives them the added convenience offered by the JMMB Bank Visa debit card.

In preparation for this roll-out, the JMMB Group subsidiaries have begun sensitizing its current clients of the impending change to their accounts and the transition process to follow.

All existing and prospective clients will be able to take advantage of the JMMB Bank Visa debit card, as long as they have a JMMB Bank chequing/current account or a JMMB Bonus Saver savings account.

Approximately 48,000 existing clients are being targeted in this initial rol-lout of the JMMB Bank Visa debit card.  

With the new co-branded JMMB Bank Visa debit card, clients will benefit from increased access, via both the 16 new JMMB Bank automated teller machines (ATMs) that will replace the current JMMB electronic transaction machines (ETMs), in addition to other Visa-certified ATMs, locally or internationally.

This card will also facilitate dual-currency transactions at point-of-sale machines and online.

JMMB Bank CEO Jerome Smalling

Explaining further, JMMB Bank CEO, Jerome Smalling revealed: “Having added commercial banking to our suite of offerings, as a Group, we are now better able to serve the banking needs of our clients in a holistic way, and this roll-out is another step in enhancing our clients’ banking experience.  We believe that the introduction of the JMMB Bank Visa debit card is a win-win for our clients, as it offers them greater convenience and the ability to make online purchases and use it at more point-of-sale locations.”

Furthermore, the cards offer added security features, with Visa chip technology.

“This move comes as a response to the need of our clients for added convenience and a seamless cashless payment solution. We look forward to delivering on our promise of offering value-added solutions to our clients, as part of our ongoing efforts to expand our service offerings and create solutions that are in their best interest.”

The company indicated that clients will benefit from no charges during the introductory period of the card, with the exception of bank fees applied by other banks, locally and overseas, for ATM transactions.  

Thereafter, the JMMB Bank Visa debit card would attract a fee for selected transactions. Although not detailing the timeframe for the fees to take effect nor the fee structure, Smalling outlined that JMMB Bank remains committed to only charging fees for value-added services, and promises to remain true to a simple philosophy about no nuisance fees.  

In keeping with a client-centric approach, JMMB Group is inviting clients who may have questions or would wish to discuss the options available to them, in selecting an alternate solution that better meets their needs, to contact its client care centre, from now until December 4.

With the roll-out of the JMMB Bank Visa debit card, Smalling is anticipating attracting new clients who want the exceptional client experience provided by JMMB Bank and the value-added services now available.

The introduction of the new JMMB Bank Visa debit card is in line with the more digital approach being taken by the company, to its operations, in order to maximize its efficiencies and better serve the needs of clients, who are demanding more automation and greater access.

JMMB Bank is the most recent commercial bank to join the fold of co-branded Visa debit cards locally and will offer clients a special introductory rate, backed by exceptional client experience.

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