Thursday 2 April, 2020

JLP youth arm blasts PNP over NIDS court action

Young Jamaica President, Howard Chamberlain

Young Jamaica President, Howard Chamberlain

The youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, Young Jamaica has slammed the People’s National party (PNP) for the party's court action against the National Identification System (NIDS) bill.

“The PNP is once again on the wrong side of history in challenging the National Identification System Act. They have now fully emerged as an obstacle to modernising the Jamaican society as it has consistently fought against efforts in this regard," said Young Jamaica in response to the PNPs decision to file a motion in the Supreme Court on Tuesday morning.  

"We are deeply disappointed by the stance and action of the PNP. The modernisation of Jamaica requires a credible identification system and what they are seeking to do in this regard is unravel all that has been done to advance us as a modern society," Young Jamaica further stated. 

The youth group further condemned the PNP, arguing that the party was seeking to play politics with the development of the country by challenging the constitutionality of NIDS. 

"From day one, the PNP was out to play politics with the NIDS bill, they were forced by the people of Jamaica to support the Bill in Parliament and now we are seeing the politics resurfacing and it is not to the benefit of the people," Young Jamaica added. 

Young Jamaica has urged the Government to continue to educate Jamaicans on the benefits of NIDS and move ahead with the development and tabling of the regulations to accompany the NIDS Act.

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