Friday 10 July, 2020

JLP hits back at PNP with electronic billboard ads

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was not about to take sitting down the lambasting from the opposition People’s National Party (PNP) over the corruption scandals that has dogged its government.

So while the PNP bigwigs and party supporters were out in their numbers in Half Way Tree attempting to get the public riled up against the ruling party for its alleged mishandling of public funds, the JLP came up with a plan.

They utilised several electronic billboard advertisements highlighting over 20 scandals that the PNP had been involved in over its more than two decades in government. 

The billboard they chose was hovering over Mandela Park in Half Way Tree, the same spot where the PNP held its protest on Thursday morning. Among the scandals it highlighted was the Shell Waiver controversy, which resulted in the resignation of former Prime Minister PJ Patterson and PNP cabinet minister, Horace Clarke. 

Other advertisements read: ‘The most corrupt organisation in the history of the Caribbean and ‘the PNP is the party of scandals.’

However PNP Vice President Damion Crawford said despite the claims by the JLP and their supporters that the PNP was also involved in alleged thievery of public funds, nothing can compare to the level of alleged skulduggery that the present government has been accused of.

“There have been allegations against the PNP in the past, however none like this. I am standing as Damion Crawford and saying that if I was Minister of Education, this would have never have happened.

"The collective effort of thievery I have never seen it so blatant. We are moving towards a different society, so if it is that in 1973 there was a thief in the PNP, then they should have been dealt with...  but in 2019 there are many thieves and they should be dealt with,” Crawford told Loop News.

During the protest, the PNP chastised the Holness administration for alleged embezzlement of public funds in a number of scandals and called on the government to account for $13.8 billion he said it cost taxpayers for government impropriety.

The JLP has been known to be better at utilising social media and technology in spreading their party’s message among the country’s younger age cohort and that feature is widely praised for them pulling off a narrow victory at the polls three years ago.

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