JLP candidate Ann Marie Lewis takes another crack at Greater Portmore North Division

An 'army of green' was out in numbers in support of upcoming candidate in the Greater Portmore North Division, Ann Marie Lewis, over the weekend.

She is slated to contest the by election which is slated for Monday, March, 27, 2017 on behalf of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party. Her opponent is accountant Gary Nicholson of the People's National Party (PNP). The by-election has been called to fill the void left by the death of PNP Councillor Michael Edwards, who won the division after defeating Lewis by over 700 votes in the local government elections of November 2016.

On Saturday, Lewis inspired support from councillors, especially from the St Catherine Parish Council, who rendered assistance to their colleague in facilitating door-to-door discussions with members of the community.

"We are very confident that this seat will come home to the Jamaica Labour Party and that the St Catherine Municipal Council will be led by our party," Councillor George Moodie of the Ensom City Division.

Loop News also spoke with another new member of the council, Councillor Leroy Dunn of the Guy's Hill Division, who remained optimistic at her prospects.

"Although this was won by the PNP last time, it is said that all seats can be won. I believe she is a good candidate and with the support she is receiving, she will be victorious. I know she is putting out the efforts and with the party behind her I know we will overcome," Dunn said.

With the rain descending in sheets of gray, candidate Lewis outlined her plans for the division.

"I'm doing nothing new for this campaign, it's the same old strategy. We are going door to door and speaking with the people and letting them aware of what is happening. We need to work closer with the police force and the crime around us is so rampant that only through closer bonds, can we combat the criminals," Lewis, a school teacher, said. 

With regards to the high unemployment rates facing the youths, she said: "We are seeking to rejuvenate the community youth club, having them reinstated in HEART. My previous opponent did nothing, I don't know of this gentleman. The last local government election they rush to do bushing and I have proof of it and all now the garbage is piled up in one section of the community."

When asked by Loop News what would be her final words to a person to come out and vote, Lewis responded: "We need proper garbage collection,  fogging of mosquitoes, drain cleaning, debushing and also ensure the citizen's association and if the residents come out, our community can be number one. By doing this house to house exercise, I have empowered the people because knowledge was lacking, so on March 27 come out and vote Ann-marie Lewis."

Other councillors present were Peter Abrahams and minority leader Owen Palmer.