Sunday 18 August, 2019

'Jennifer Samuda was a trailblazer' - Grange saddened by passing of Jencare founder

“I am so sorry to hear of Jennifer’s passing. I consider her to be a trailblazer – an extraordinary woman who built a successful local company that grew into an international business. Jennifer was excellent at what she did and many women looked up to her. She was a role model to many and will be dearly missed,” Minister Grange said.

Grange has expressed condolences to the family as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

Jencare Skin Farm is one of Jamaica’s leading skin care and spa businesses.

Samuda, a former auditor, founded Jencare in 1989, when skepticism was rife about that line of business. She, however, persevered and made her mark in the field, succeeding as the leading skin care and spa business in the island, before setting up branches in New York, Miami and Trinidad and Tobago.

The succes she reaped led to many recognistions including a nomination for the Jamaica Observer's Business Leader Award  and the NCB Nation Builder Award in the category of Women in Business. 

In a Gleaner Interview in 2010, Samuda said, "when I started this business in the 1980s, people did not recognise or have as much respect for an entrepreneur as they do today. Instead, people looked forward to working for someone and did not strive to start their own businesses. Nowadays 'entrepreneurship' has become a buzz word."

JenCare is now being led by Samuda's daughter, Peta-Gaye Samuda-Palmer. 

FEATURED PHOTO: Jennifer Samuda (Facebook)

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