Friday 14 August, 2020

Jennifer Messado looks to come off the roll of practising attorneys

Jennifer Messado

Jennifer Messado

Embattled veteran attorney Jennifer Messado is seeking to take her name off the roll of practising attorneys in Jamaica.

Invoking the Legal Profession Act, Messado has filed a claim which reads: “The Applicant Jennifer Anne Messado of 10 Holborn Road, Kingston 10 in the Parish of Saint Andrew claims the following:

(1) An Order with the consent of the General Legal Council, be issued to remove my name from the Roll of Attorneys entitled to practise law in Jamaica.

(2) Costs and Attorney costs

(3) Such further and other relief as this Honourable Court may deem just.

The claim is in relation to Subsection 8 of Section 5 of the Legal Profession Act.

Messado faces a number of charges surrounding allegations of fraud and obtaining money under false pretences.

It is alleged that the once prominent attorney attempted to sell a property owned by a church without the owner’s consent. The property was valued at $232 million.

She is also accused of defrauding the local entertainer Mavado of almost $31 million.
It recently transpired that Messado is facing additional charges from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) of forgery and obtaining money under false pretence.

In May of this year, Messado collapsed and was rushed to hospital. It is yet to be determined what caused this collapse or what is the precise nature of any illness suffered by her.

One attorney speaking with Loop surmised, “this is a good move by Messado in that if she is exonerated or found not guilty she can re-apply to go back on the roll of practising attorneys.”

Another lawyer said, “This is more palatable than having to face the ignominy of having being disbarred. It is certainly more noble. 

UK solicitor Irwin Ellis added, “It is the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council that will independently determine whether she is to be disbarred. Her lawyers may well feel that in plea mitigations they can point to her doing the honourable thing by stepping down because she has respect and regard for the profession."

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