Tuesday 20 October, 2020

J’can who drugged and raped schoolgirls in UK, gets 29-year sentence

A 63-year-old Jamaican-born man who has been described as a violent sex predator who drugged and raped schoolgirls and forced some of them into prostitution, is to serve a total of 29 years in prison in the United Kingdom.

Junior Chester Bryan, a resident of Marton Road in Middlesbrough, UK, was last month convicted of 20 offences, including rape, sexual assault, false imprisonment, living on prostitution and supplying Class A drugs, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

During the six-week trial, it was heard that Bryan who went to London from Jamaica at age 15, beat and raped girls as young as 14 between 1993 and 2013. The incidents reportedly took place in Middlesbrough, Leeds, Darlington and London.

Eight of his victims who gave chilling testimonies at the trial, said the Jamaican ruined their lives.

According to media reports, during the trial at the Teesside Crown Court in the UK, it was heard that when Bryan came to Middlesbrough in the 1990s, he began using his "force of personality and violence to intimidate his victims, forcing some into prostitution".

In one of his nefarious attacks against young girls, Bryan gave a 16-year-old student a joint (ganja spliff) which he had laced with heroin without her knowledge. He then raped her several times, and punched and partially strangled her, as well as hit her with a hammer.

The victim, who gave a statement, said her dreams of becoming a beautician were destroyed by Bryan, as her life changed following her ordeal.

In other violent sexual acts, the Jamaican was said to have raped a 14-year-old, while another teenager only managed to escape when his actions were disputed by a visitor.

Additionally, he drugged a young woman who reportedly saw him as a father figure, and encouraged her to turn to a life of prostitution, according to media reports.

At Bryan's sentencing hearing last week, which was held via Skype due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Judge Howard Crowson said the convict was a "dominating, violent sexual offender" who "destroyed the lives of others to fulfil his selfish desires."

The judge sentenced Bryan to 24 years in jail "with an extended five-year tariff, having determined (that) he was dangerous," media reports indicated.

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