Tuesday 18 February, 2020

Jason Henzell to relaunch Lovers’ Leap this Saturday

Jason Henzell

Jason Henzell

Red Stripe is partnering with Treasure Beach entrepreneur Jason Henzell to revamp the historic south coast attraction known as Lovers’ Leap.

Henzell, through Jake's, relaunches the attraction on Saturday after receiving a 10-year license from Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO) last November.

This agreement allows Henzell to operate Lovers’ Leap and upgrade the facilities to boast some new and exciting elements. This includes a restaurant, bar, entertainment, tours and nature hike.

Among the list of dignitaries to attend will be: Floyd Green MP for South West St Elizabeth, Senator Aubyn Hill, Godfrey Dyer, Chairman of the Tourism Enhancement Fund, Ian Dear, Chairman of the Tourism Product Development Company and David Dobson, Deputy Director of Tourism.

A photo of Lover''s Leap

Speaking with Loop News Jason Henzell said: “ I have always believed Lovers’ Leap could become an iconic destination in Jamaica. We approached the government with a view to being granted a licence to operate Lovers’ Leap as an attraction and we were granted a licence on November 1st, 2017.”

“The architect and designer Samantha Gore did a fabulous job transforming the property. We have put in a bar and restaurant and a new walkway in the entrance. We also included a huge verandah.”

Henzell added that new branding and merchandising have also been added to make the attraction even more enticing. He is particularly proud that Red Stripe in its centennial year has come on board as the sponsor of the bar.

‘I am pleased that my children will see a legacy began by their grandfather. We are now seeing some world class attractions in the parish and are now on the path to real sustainable tourism.”

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