Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Jamalco too strong for Tivoli in Major ‘A’ League final

Jamalco mushroomed from the excellent form they have been displaying all season into a championship title, as they outplayed Tivoli Gardens in Netball Jamaica’s Major ‘A’ League final to win 47-38 at the Leila Robinson Courts, National Stadium complex, on Sunday night.

The title match-up was one of four finals showdowns, which also yielded trophy successes for Liguanea in the Major ‘B’ final, Global ‘A’ in the Sunshine Cereals Intermediate League final and Maxfield in the Minor League final.

All season-long, Jamalco have been the dominant Senior League team, winning all seven of their preliminary encounters before easing through the semis to set up a confrontation with Tivoli Gardens, whom they had subjected to their only loss.

“Because Tivoli beat us in the Open League we looked at the strengths and weaknesses of Tivoli and we tried to exploit the weaknesses. The weakness that we tried to exploit were to move the ball fast and we kept up our concentration,” observed Jamalco’s coach, Winston Nevers. “If you notice we made 10-15 passes without losing the ball at times. There’s where we lost the game the first time.”

They led from start to finish, thwarting each threat mounted by Tivoli whenever they made a big run and brought themselves within two to four points, to against stretch the advantage to near 10.

“Overall our defence was good and the veteran Elaine Davis came up trumps today. Overall when you look at the whole team, the defence played good, the mid court played good and the attack played good, especially the goal attack Anna-Kay Griffiths,” Nevers said of their strong all round play.

Griffiths earned the MVP Award. She netted 29 of 34 attempts to lead Jamalco’s scoring, with Davis adding the other 17, from 21 tries.

Shedeiky Hamilton-Barnes was the game’s high scorer with 30 goals from 37 tries, while Jodiann Frenck Kentish netted eight of 12.

Tivoli Gardens’ coach, Sylvester ‘Chris’ Campbell, said: “I think we were a little bit shaky tonight. There were some moments when we looked like we were having a good flow and at other times we weren’t so good on attack and that is what let us down, we’ve to be consistent in our attacks and we’ve to be able to put it away when we get it.”

He added: “This Tivoli team did pretty well, way beyond my expectations. We put this team together in about the last three months so to be in the final is an achievement. So Tivoli is a winner, they did well to make the finals.”

Meanwhile, Liguanea, with MVP Kayon Cousins, beat Ken’s Wildflower 47-34 for the Major ‘B’ title.

Vanessa Jones led Liguanea with 29 goals from 33 tries, while Tasheika Laird netted 18 from 23. Ken’s Wildflower’s goals were scored by Kareen Allen (20/28), Stephanie Anderson (8/9) and Jan Donaldson (6/9).

In the Sunshine Cereals Intermediate League, MVP Amanda Pinkney scored 32 goals from 40 attempts to lead Tryall Heights to a 37-33 victory over Global ‘A’. Astia Brooks added five from 14. Nikesha Duncan, 28 from 39 and Tahicel Redwood, five from eight, scored for Global.

In the Minor League final, Maxfield ‘B’ beat Bethel Town 23-20. Shannell Montgomery of Maxfield ‘B’ took the MVP Award.

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