Monday 10 December, 2018

Jamaicans implicated in big employment scams in Cayman

A beach in the Cayman Islands

A beach in the Cayman Islands

The Financial Crime Unit of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service issued a public advisory last Monday, warning of employment scams involving Jamaicans, which were said to target people seeking work in the nursing and hospitality industries, according to media reports.

The Cayman police warned the public about a similar scam last year. They said the fraudulent scheme is believed to be based in Jamaica. The police said people in that country collect the money before sending it on to individuals in Jamaica.

The police noted that job seekers have been responding to advertisements on social media for positions in nursing and hospitality, and the notices promise assistance with plane fare and permit fees.

“But the hotels named in those advertisements either do not exist or have no knowledge of the services advertised,” a media report said.

It said job seekers have been asked to send funds to people in the Cayman Islands under the guise of obtaining a work permit.

“The perpetrators of the fraud use social network sites like Facebook, Tagged, Tango and Badoo, to engage job seekers under false pretence. Once they have made contact, they ask for bank account numbers to facilitate the transactions, or they send the job seeker to Western Union,” the media report added.

The police have notified the public that the individual running the scam has used the names Odiki Mandalay and Carlos Chung as the purported owner of Hotel Grand Cayman, which does not exist.

The scammer may also be using other names, so the Financial Crime Unit wants people on social networks not to engage in conversations or do “favours” for people they don’t already know.

The police are urging any member of the public who has been approached by the scammer, or have unknowingly participated in the movement of funds as part of the fraud, to contact the Financial Crime Unit at 949-8797 or Crime Stoppers at 800-8477(TIPS).

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