Friday 5 June, 2020

Jamaican sentenced for robbing jewellery stores in Trinidad

A Jamaican man who said he went mining for gold in Guyana, where he accomplished his goal to a significant extent, ended up on the wrong side of the law in Trinidad, where he said he went to dispose of his ‘fortune’ that was earned in Guyana.

He ended up being slapped with a prison sentence on Friday.

Peter Young claimed to have travelled to Trinidad to sell more than 11 pounds of gold to jewellery store operators in Port of Spain, but was duped of much of his property. He said he responded by breaking into the same jewellery stores and stole jewellery to compensate for his loss.

His criminal move has now attracted a four-year prison sentence, much of which he has already done while in custody awaiting the conclusion of his cases relative to the robbery of three jewellery stores back in 2015.

Young will do only a few more months behind bars before being released because he has already been in custody for over three years on remand.

The 35-year-old graphic artiste who ultimately pleaded guilty to the charges against him, told the magistrate’s court of his reported experience in Guyana, from where he wanted to ship his gold to the US, but could not do so without having had a licence to mine in Guyana.

He said that development was followed by a trip to Trinidad to sell the gold that he estimated to have been valued at TT$1.9 million.

He said he was duped by the store operators, who gave him only a fraction of the worth of his precious metal, on the basis that some time had to be taken to verify the quality of the gold.

Based on Young’s account, when further payments were not forthcoming from the jewellery stores, he reported the matter to the authorities in Trinidad, but was left out in the cold because he did not have any sales receipt for his reported transaction with the store operators.

Young said with frustration overwhelming him, he broke into the stores and took over TT$900,000 in gold jewellery.

Several days later, he was arrested for the break-ins, but the jewellery was never recovered.

In appealing to the court for leniency with his sentencing, Young told the court that he had another matter in court there for which he was previously sentenced, but which has been appealed.

He also said he had undergone anger management classes and biblical studies while in prison, and had obtained two certificates for his efforts, which were presented in court.

Young was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment on each of the charges against him, with the sentences to run concurrently, hence he is to serve four years, less the time he has already been in prison on remand.

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