Thursday 24 September, 2020

Jamaican prisoner bolts free from Supreme Court in the TCI

Two Caribbean nationals, a Jamaican and a Haitian, recently escaped the custody of prison officers in the Turks and Caicos Islands, with only one – guess who - being recaptured since.

The TCI media reported that Jamaican Dale Cook escaped custody while he was in the company of prison officials on the compound of the Providenciales Supreme Court. Cook allegedly arrived in the TCI illegally, with a quantity of illicit drugs in his possession.

Indications are that he made his escape while in handcuffs after having just concluded a hearing on charges of drug possession and illegal entry into the territory, both of which he pleaded guilty to.

Prison officers reportedly gave chase when Cook took off, but were unable to catch the fleet-footed Jamaican who disappeared into bushes in a rugged area behind the court building.

But aside from his illegal run to freedom, there are reports that the Jamaican had been at the losing end of his alleged activities in the territory, and was actually duped by resident crooks, leading to his troubles with the law.

Unconfirmed reports are that, after arriving in the country with a quantity of drugs, Cook was swindled out of the ‘stuff’ by local drug dealers.

Then he learnt an even bigger lesson when police and immigration officials were allegedly ‘set on him’ by the thieves, resulting in Cook being arrested, charged and taken before the courts.

In the case of the Haitian national, he jumped from a prison vehicle and ran off while on a medical escort. But not being from the ‘sprint factory’, he was ran down, wrestled to the ground, and was soon back in the vehicle.

Both escapees were in custody for illegal entry into the TCI.

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