Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Jamaican dollar closes at $140.66 on Monday

Banks and cambios sold more foreign currency than they bought on Monday, but the dollar appreciated on the day.

Roughly US$42.1 million in foreign currency sales went through the system with US$39.15 million purchases.

The dollar closed at $140.66 against the US dollar or six cents stronger than on the previous trading day.

National Commercial Bank sold US dollars cheapest among banks at $140.19 with Sagicor selling most expensive at $141.54.

Comparatively, the cambios which sold US dollars cheapest included Puerto Financial Services Limited at $134.69 followed by Lincars Investments at $135.48 and VW Investments Company Limited at $135.65.

The most expensive cambio was Direct Exchange Financial Services Limited selling US dollars at $142.43.

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