Tuesday 22 January, 2019

Jamaican ‘brotherly love’ attracts international attention

Kingsley Morgan posted these pics of himself with his little brother, Keniel.

Kingsley Morgan posted these pics of himself with his little brother, Keniel.

The prospect of a first date makes even grown men nervous. It's likely more nerve-racking for a teenage boy.

However, one 15-year-old Jamaican boy found the perfect ‘wingman’ in none other than his older brother who facilitated a smooth first date for him and his crush.

Kingsley Morgan, 25, gave a tweet-by-tweet account of his brother’s date with the girl, attracting tens of thousands likes and retweets, and drawing international attention.

Early in the afternoon on Easter Sunday, Kingsley highlighted that his brother Keniel “has a crush on this girl” who the teen had invited over for dinner.

“I’m the chef and I’m geeked af!” Kingsley wrote to the delight of his followers on Twitter.

Throughout the evening, he gave social media live updates, showing him going all out to ensure that his brother made a good impression on his love interest – including cooking a gourmet version of the girl’s favourite dish, curried chicken and white rice.

“I’m making coconut-curried chicken and lemongrass white rice. I’m going in for my lil bro!” Kingsley said excitedly.

He outlined how he couldn’t help peeking in, from behind a door, on how his brother’s date was progressing, and expressed his delight at the fact that he seemed to have the girl – who had been laughing – “head over heels”.

Kingsley also described how pleased he was to see his brother put in practice some of the etiquette he taught him, such as when the younger Morgan “opened the door” for the girl.

He said, after the date, he drove the girl home, before both he and his brother expressed equal delight at how the evening went.

“When we got back home, he sighed, looked at me and said “Yaw mi G enuh.”

Afterwards, Kingsley posted a couple photos of himself with Keniel - an older one, taken when the younger Morgan was an infant, and a recently-taken photograph - and said:

"Such an appropriate time to post this pic. I’m incredibly honoured to nurture him into a man."

Kingsley’s gesture and his expression of love for his little brother attracted the attention of popular US gossip site, The Shade Room, which posted a screenshot of the tweets and wrote “awww, this is too cute!!!”

Kudos to Kingsley, from Loop.

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