Sunday 20 September, 2020

Jamaican-born judge-elect sends Christmas greetings

Jackie Powell

Jackie Powell

Jamaican-born judge elect for the Broward County Court in South Florida, Jackie Powell sends a message of peace to Jamaicans at home in the Diaspora for Christmas.

Powell is set to be sworn in on the bench early next year after coming out victorious at the polls in November.

“For me, this has been an incredulous year.  As we approach this Christmas season, I am truly thankful for the time to relax and reflect with my family. I want to say thanks to the Jamaican community for your immeasurable support during my campaign to become County Court Judge," Powell said.

She added, "Jamaicans have so many holiday traditions and I hope to be able to participate in some of it. My prayer is that this season will bring you peace.  Take time to appreciate your family and friends as that is most important. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!” 

Born and raised in the community of Franklin Town in East Kingston, Powell attended Franklin Town Primary and Camperdown High schools. She has always expressed her love for the land of her birth and its people, despite migrating to the United States decades ago.

Powell will be one of only 10 black judges out of 90 judges who sit on the Broward County bench.

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