Friday 23 October, 2020

Jamaican-born British writer endorses Holness, appeals for donations

Lady Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell

Jamaican-born British writer Lady Colin Campbell, popularly known as Lady C, says a lot is at stake in the Caribbean island's upcoming general elections.

According to the 71-year-old royal author, Prime Minister Andrew Holness "is the only person on the political stage" that can restore Jamaica to its former glory, and she wants to see him re-elected.

She made the comments in a video uploaded to her social media page, in which she also appealed to persons to donate to the campaign of Holness' Jamaica Labour Party.

"Jamaica is at a crucial point in our development. In the 58 years that we have been independent, we have gone from being one of the fastest growing economies in the western world to a ramshackle third rate nation whose economy has been disastrous," Campbell said.

"Andrew Holness is the only person on the political stage at the moment that I can see who has the ability, integrity, ambition and intelligence to maximise the advantages that Jamaica as a nation has and to improve our status, our standing, the economy and our possibilities and start us onto the road again of being the success that we started out being at the beginning of Independence," she continued, adding "I would appeal to everybody who I know to do your bit to help Andrew Holness re-elected as prime minister... give as much as you can to help his re-election and certainly vote."

Lady C, who was born George Ziadie in Kingston, is best known for her books on the British royal family.

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