Wednesday 16 January, 2019

Jahvinci and Popcaan team up for 'Steamy' single

Jahvinci (left) and Popcaan

Jahvinci (left) and Popcaan

Former Portmore Empire artistes Jahvinci and Popcaan have teamed up again to deliver a hit song as their recent collaboration, 'Steamy', is blowing up on FM radio. 

"Man skull a steam, the song ah go hard in the streets as it gone two million views in only one month and was in the top five in trending, so the song ah do road hard," Jahvinci told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

Both Jahvinci and Popcaan were label mates with the now defunct Portmore Empire before the crew imploded at about the same time as the incarceration of Vybz Kartel. However, they remained friends even through those turbulent times.

"Me and Popcaan never drop the link no matter what, from day one. Last month, I called to ask how he was doing and him said I should link at his house and hold a vibes, and we up de a reason and a chill out. And knowing that we can always find the hits, it just happen naturally cause we a family and the song voice and tek off," Jahvinci said. 

The song has over two million views and was released on the Unruly Entertainment label. In the past, the two have teamed up to drop hits like 'Life Lost' on the Arch Evil rhythm and 'Home' on the School Yard rhythm. 

Several Gaza fans hailed the link up leaving comments on Popcaan's VEVO channel which alluded to the Gaza connection, such as "Gaza pickney them link up head a steam.its a hit already" and "Addi 2 pass student dem link up...".

One user said: "Anytime Popcaan and Jahvinci collab ano ntn normal #Steamy #ManWickid", while another praised: "This sounds like a hit, Jahvinci welcome back to the spotlight, wicked collaboration"

In the meantime, Jahvinci is promoting another single, 'Day One' on the Up Top rhythm which has racked up 107,000 views since its release a month ago.

"Next month, I will be doing videos for 'Steamy' and for 'Day One', mi a go hard right into the Summer, whole heap a tings in the pipeline," Jahvinci said.  

Last year, he performed in Israel, before completing a tour of Canada. He has several upcoming shows including the Chicago Jerk Festival on June 24th in Chicago, Illinois. 

Jah Vinci is known for the hits, One Day, Guide Me, Sad Story, and In My Life which has over 1.7 million views on YouTube and Nobody Knows, which has racked up almost one million views.




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