Thursday 1 October, 2020

J Wray and Nephew to give community bars $35-million boost

Some 2,000 bar operators are set to benefit from the J  Wray and Nephew initiative.

Some 2,000 bar operators are set to benefit from the J Wray and Nephew initiative.

J Wray and Nephew is contributing $35 million to help offset the dire effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on community bars across Jamaica.

The first phase of the aid started on Monday and will continue for a week when executives of the company will join team members on the road to hand out packages and promotional items to 2,000 bar operators.

Each bar will receive a package valued at $15,000. The package will include six flasks of Appleton Estate Signature Blend, six flasks of Campari, six flasks of the rebranded Appleton Special -now named Kingston 62 Jamaica Gold, and six bottles of magnum.

Bar operators will also receive hand sanitizers, drinking glasses and cups, as well as decals to be used as physical distancing markers and posters with the Ministry of Health and Wellness-approved COVID-19 hygiene messages.

Leleika-Dee Barnes, channel and customer marketing director of J Wray and Nephew Limited, said, “We want the bar operators to know that we are here supporting them. Without them, we wouldn’t be the great Wray and Nephew so we just want to let them know that we are family and it’s really a partnership.”

Leleika-Dee Barnes (right), channel and customer marketing director of J Wray and Nephew Limited has the attention of Laurain 'Reisha' Robinson, operator of Sam's Lounge in Tyre Plaza on Waltham Park Road, after a presentation from the company. 

According to Barnes, the partnership will stretch beyond handing the operators products, as the company tries to ensure that these small enterprises can return to full operation.

The marketing executive said the over 10,000 bars across the island enable J Wray and Nephew to remain profitable yearly and they took a major hit during the shutdown, which she said affected the livelihood for many individuals and families.

Barnes said the decision was made earlier, but J Wray and Nephew waited until after the two-week reopening trial period that the Government of Jamaican gave the bar operators.

The next phase would help the bar operators remain in compliance with guidelines of the government.

J Wray and Nephew community bars contribution

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“We want to ensure that even the consumers when they turn out, we can help them to feel safe and more comfortable, hence we said that we need to give them some hand sanitizers as well and we are also providing masks in some locations and eventually, some washing stations with some buckets that they can fill up with water and help with the washing of hands,” Barnes said.

According to Barnes, the visit to the bars was qualitative. In addition to presenting the products, the J Wray and Nephew team also got the opportunity to interact with the operators and hear their grouses as well as how the company can render further assistance.

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