Thursday 16 July, 2020

It's Brittany-RAAAEEE! The power of positive thinking

(Brittany-Rae, image taken by Marina Burnel @marinaburnelphotography)

(Brittany-Rae, image taken by Marina Burnel @marinaburnelphotography)

Hello my lovelies,

Let’s have some “real talk” today about a topic of substance.

We are constantly choosing our position in life. You might feel a reaction when you read that, or maybe get some negative thoughts in your head. But you need to understand that’s all “self-programming”. Any idea in your head that restricts total empowerment around your ability to create your life is a limitation! What you manifest is what will come out into play. That’s why it’s crucial we pay attention to our inner thoughts and change negative thinking to positive.

I feel like we normalize victim mentality too much and then try to rationalize it. We have thoughts like “no-one knows how hard my life is”, “nobody cares” or a famous one: “I am so stressed”! Almost like mantras. This is what you're programming!

Sometimes it’s not even conscious - we are thinking these thoughts and don't even know! That’s why I say we have to be woke and really pay attention to our inner thoughts (but not so deep that we go crazy!) and correct them when we are being pessimistic. Victim mentality is a sneaky little… It often begins with the words “I” and “can’t”.

I am such a believer in manifestation (visualizing what you want to achieve) and setting intentions, because since I've made the change I've witnessed so much light in my life! Manifesting and setting intentions with a purely positive vibe has moved me closer to my goals.

It’s amazing and it’s a constant journey. I legit-check myself 10 times a day and direct my thought process with things like: “Britt, this is going to happen” and “I am going to receive this”. I literally say it out loud, like “NO! I will not send that vibration out”. The light can be yours if you put in the work.

It’s definitely not easy, but being consistent and keeping yourself in check will bring you greatness and true happiness. All successful people have this positive mindset and tunnel vision that uses powerful thinking to turn intentions into reality.

I know, I know - you guys are probably thinking: “This girl is on some hippie-ish”! But you better believe it works! We should consciously watch those words coming out of our mouths and then ask ourselves: “Who decided that?” Because it sure as heck wasn't our higher self. So let’s be the best us and really tune into our minds and rid them of all negativity.

Manifesting your wants and setting daily intentions will bring you the best in life. We should zero in on ourselves and not focus on what others are doing or judge them. Let’s just let them live their best version of “living out loud” and focus on living our best lives using mantras like “I can”!

Let’s all be our best selves! Can you believe how wonderful our society could be if we all focus solely on ourselves (and children of course if you have them) and only hold positive thoughts, if we support one another and understand that what’s for you is for you and what’s for other people is for them?

I believe we would be a society of “doers”! Let’s get there, guys! We have the power to turn the cycle around. Let’s become the conscious beings we need to be to achieve that! Love and Light… remember to free up yourself. See you next Thursday under Lifestyle at Loop Jamaica. Live in love and light my lovelies! RAEEEEEE!!!

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