Tuesday 15 October, 2019

Itelbpo’s super agents: Blending people with technology

Yoni Epstein, Founder and Executive Chairman of itelbpo.

Yoni Epstein, Founder and Executive Chairman of itelbpo.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, Itelbpo, will be infusing its customer service operation with technology to ultimately improve financial value and efficiency to its clients.

Conceptualised on the basis of a ‘Super Agent’, the process begins with the automated telephone operating services initiated by the ‘bot’, which conducts simple conversations with customers, decipher their needs then immediately connect them with a live agent.

Now here is the difference. Those employees, who are part of itelbpo’s platform of multi-dimensional agents, transfer relevant information collected from the bot to the ‘Super Agents’, who are now more prepared for the call because they are armed with real-time data and information to employ and close deals much quicker.

“You’re marrying the human element and technology to provide greater efficiency and touch more customers, as well as increase your conversions for far greater leads for them to close (deals). If done properly, you’re essentially marrying the technology with people success,” said Yoni Epstein, Founder and Executive Chairman of itelbpo.

Epstein made the analysis during the company’s first Happy Hour Chat - a new webinar series aimed at simplifying the transformation taking place in the industry. The host was Mark Hillary, a business journalist and award winning blogger and author.

The ‘people vs machine’ debate has been dominating industry commentary over the last year, but Epstein related during the webinar how technology will transform career opportunities and customer experience management.

With over 1,700 team members in over four countries, itelbpo asserts that people success is the way forward and not replacing workers with automated bots. Companies that replace human employees are usually thinking about cost effectiveness. However, Epstein noted how the decline in customer experience and satisfaction can be extremely damaging to a brand’s reputation.

“People want to get what they want done immediately or want to speak to somebody to get it done immediately and I think that automation, from that perspective, is still not there yet. With where technology is today, we’re still going to see a level of frustration and people pressing whatever number gets them faster to an agent,” Epstein explained.

He said the key exists in striking a balance between human and machine and using technology to enhance and improve the way customer service agents work, as this approach will provide superior efficiency, improve quality assurance, customer experience delivery and create sales opportunities that result in upsurges in client revenue.

Podcast participants lauded itelbpo for the initiative, with Hillary adding that companies should follow suit, allowing automation to deal with “the simple stuff”, but give customers the option to reach an agent quickly.

Responding to distinguished BPO industry analyst, founder and CEO of Ryan Strategic Advisory, Peter Ryan, Epstein noted that the BPO sector is growing regionally and many countries will benefit from the research and work itelbpo is conducting as its innovations will continue to provide new career opportunities that did not previously exist.

Epstein added that countries like Jamaica “are in strong demand because of its unique characteristics such as proximity to North America, cultural affinity and a conducive business environment”.

He also informed on plans to conduct a small pilot in the Bahamas using work-from-home agents.

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