Friday 5 June, 2020

Itelbpo raises bar in BPO sector with plastic-free campaign

Yoni Epstein (left), Founder and CEO of itelbpo and Lisa Lake, co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Itelbpo, at the company headquarters in Montego Bay.

Yoni Epstein (left), Founder and CEO of itelbpo and Lisa Lake, co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Itelbpo, at the company headquarters in Montego Bay.

Itelbpo is leading the charge for environmental protection in the local business process outsourcing (BPO) industry with its recently launched ‘Plastic Free’ campaign.

The campaign, held under the theme ‘No Plastic is Fantastic,’ comes amidst a call internationally for the reduction of single-use plastic, which has proven detrimental to natural and marine environments around the world.

Itelbpo launched the campaign in June, which sees staff recycling plastic bottles and reducing the use of plastic. It has committed to the gradual phase out and eventual elimination of single use plastics at all its locations in Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico and the USA. 

The campaign is broken down into three phases: Recycle (Phase one), Reduce & Reuse (Phase two), and Refuse (Phase three). 

Phase one will involve the launch of a recycling program for plastic bottles, educating staff about the importance of reducing plastic use, as well as prohibiting the use of plastic water bottles. Itelbpo will provide staff members with alternative reusable options and install water coolers throughout the offices. 

To engage staff and nurture a culture of recycling, Itelbpo’s People Success Department is executing fun and creative activities, such as a ‘Plastic Art Competition”. From that challenge staff members found novel ways of recycling plastic products incorporating both form and function to create unique items ranging from art to fashion.

Now in Phase two, which will run from July to October, Itelbpo offices will encourage reuse of safer BPA free containers, as well as explore viable alternatives to plastic products frequently used by staff on site, including items offered in the cafeterias. The successful completion of this step will prepare the company for its final objective - a plastic free working environment.

Commenting on the company’s visionary programme, Itelbpo Co-Founder and conceptualiser of the Plastic Free Campaign, Lisa Lake, said, “Internationally, there is an increased awareness about the harmful nature of plastic use. Countries within the Caribbean and worldwide are beginning to take real action towards environmental protection, and Itelbpo felt it fitting that we lead the charge within corporate Jamaica; not just through our words, but also with our actions. We’ve built a state-of-the art headquarter on the waterfront in Montego Bay and it is disturbing to see the volume of plastic that washes up on our shores each day. It hits home, literally,” she said.

“With this campaign, we hope to change the habits of our team both at work and home, as well as to inspire individuals and local companies to follow suit,” Lake added.

Formed in 2012, Itelbpo is now the region’s largest homegrown outsourcer, with operations in Montego Bay and Kingston, Jamaica and Freeport, Bahamas. The company also has a growing presence in Mexico and the USA with its newly acquired work-from-home division. Itelbpo over 1,500 employees, and provides voice, non-voice and digital marketing services to leading brands across eight vertical markets.

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