Friday 30 October, 2020

Itelbpo implementing AI to monitor staff, enhance efficiency

Yoni Epstein

Yoni Epstein

In a move aimed at increasing efficiency, Montego Bay-based Itelbpo will implement new artificial technology, Observe AI, to monitor customer service calls. 

It will avoid manually reviewing calls or using current speech tools to judge whether front line staff are meeting requirements when speaking with clients.

"Average speech analytics tools fall short in integration and workforce performance," said Itelbpo Founding Chairman and CEO, Yoni Epstein.

"Observe AI is much more than just a speech analytics tool. It is intelligent and adaptable. It has the ability to integrate with other platforms and offers heightened data mining accuracy," he added.

The BPO operations said that it will shortly complete the implementation of the AI platform. Itelbpo was founded in 2012 and now operates eight facilities in four onshore and ultra-nearshore locations.

With Observe AI, the call centre can undertake quality assurance audits on 100 per cent of its calls. The company said it will use the speech analytics to provide real-time prompts to their micro-learning platform that then creates targeted action and development plans using adaptive technologies to solve problems otherwise known as gamification.

Furthermore, it will connect with the company's workforce solution to schedule the individualised training sessions, as well as link with a business intelligence tool to transform data into actionable insights.

“Itelbpo is investing in technologies like Observe AI to enhance efficiency and keep the organisation nimble as it pushes towards an aggressive growth plan to hire 5,000 new employees in five years,” stated Epstein.

The platform will affect all levels of the organisation, but especially those on the frontline  providing customer and sales support for the company’s portfolio of brands.

“The end result is empowering agents, support staff and managers with critical business intelligence and performance data so they can make better decisions,” the company stated.

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