Thursday 27 February, 2020

Influential is 'Most Wanted'



Reggae artiste Influential has recorded a single, 'Most Wanted', which talks about his near-death experience, surviving a shooting attempt on his life a few months ago. 

During that incident, Influential was shot at by unknown assailants who riddled his vehicle with bullets, but he emerged unharmed. 

"I did this song just to put everything to rest. I had to leave the island for a few months to clear my mind, I am no coward so I am back in the island. I have a number of other songs working on, but I wanted to let my fans know what was going on, I am moving on from this experience, but I have to tell my truth," Influential said.

The single, 'Most Wanted', will be released on the Pert Entertainment label on Thursday, April 25th. 

Influential is known for the social commentary singles, 'Cancer', 'Road Hog' and 'Pan Di Live',  where the entertainer urges fellow artistes to be wary of how they use social media, particularly Instagram Live.

"I always pree what I see going on in our society on a daily basis. My mother died from 'Cancer', when I go on the road, and see the bad driving, I did Road Hog, and the folly I see going on pon the social media, so I did 'Pan Di Live' . I talk about real life stories," he said. 

He recently released an album called 'Rules and Laws' on the Tuff Gong International label in California. The album was released last year. Songs from that album include 'Cancer', 'Road Hog' and 'Faith'.

"Winston 'Bopee' Bowen (now deceased) and producer Rupert Green were the mastermind behind that album, Bopee played most of the tracks on the album. I have big plans for the album is doing OK but it wants more of a push. I don't know what is going on, nowadays people in the biz don't know good music, they don't know chords, or keys or if a song is flat, but yu can buss because yu lucky; talent cannot ensure say yu buss 'cause music no sleep ah no man yard," he said.  

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