Wednesday 30 September, 2020

Increased prices again for gasoline, diesel fuel

For a second straight week, motorists will be paying more for gasoline and diesel fuel, based on the latest weekly prices announced on Wednesday by Petrojam, the state-owned oil refinery.

As a result, when motorists fill up at the pumps on Thursday, they will pay $1.63 more for 87 and 90-octane gasoline, which will this week sell for $128.20 and $131.04 per litre, respectively.

Petrojam said automotive diesel fuel will sell this week for $132.29 per litre, following an increase of $1.46, while ultra-low sulphur diesel is up by $1.62, and will sell for $136.76 per litre.

Users of kerosene will pay $1.70 more for the commodity, which will sell for $111.66 per litre.

Propane liquid petroleum will be sold for $39.63 per litre, up by $1.81, while butane liquid petroleum will be sold for $42.15 per litre after an increase of $2.45.

The marketing companies and retailers will add their respective mark-ups to the prices from Petrojam.

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