Wednesday 19 September, 2018

Illegal gun allegedly seized where cops killed St Mary shop operator

The police are reporting that an illegal gun was seized at the scene of the fatal shooting of a St Mary shop operator during an alleged confrontation with lawman on Wednesday night.

The deceased has been identified as 45-year-old David McLean, alias ‘Blessed’, of Gully Road in Boscobel.

The death of the shop owner sparked a fiery protest that resulted in the blockage of the Boscobel main road on Thursday, as residents disputed the police's account of the incident.

Reports are that on Wednesday night the police responded to reports that a gunman had been seen in the Boscobel area.

Acting on information, the police went to McLean's shop on Gully Road at about 11:53 p.m., where they claim he was seen with an illegal firearm.

The cops reported that during attempts to apprehend McLean, he drew the firearm.

The police reportedly took evasive action and shot McLean.

The illegal firearm was said to have been subsequently seized.

McLean was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

But at Thursday morning's fiery protest, residents described the allegations against the now deceased man as nothing but lies.

"Blessed (McLean) is a innocent yute. If him did a gunman, him would have to leave the area long time. We want justice, because a di wrong man dem kill. Him never have no gun," a resident of Boscobel said at the scene of the protest.

The sentiment was echoed by other residents, who clashed with police officers when the security personnel attempted to allow vehicles to pass through the protest on one occasion.

The residents had initially used their bodies to block the roadway, but the police's attempt to get vehicles to pass through resulted in them using old refrigerators, stones and a garbage dispenser to seal the fate for motorists so they would not be going anywhere soon.

The roadblock was later cleared after National Security Minister and Member of Parliament for the area, Robert Montague, visited the area, along with Police Commissioner George Quallo, and spoke to the residents.

Montague appealed to the angry protesters to share with law enforcement officials what they know about the fatal police shooting.

The Independent Commissions of Investigations (INDECOM) is probing the fatal shoot