Tuesday 21 January, 2020

Ikon in feud with Marlon Samuels over stage name

Ikon D Link

Ikon D Link

Dancehall artiste Ikon D Link is involved in a simmering music feud with West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels over the 'Icon' nom de guerre.

Over the weekend, Marlon Samuels did an interview with Winford Williams on CVM's Onstage where he slighted Ikon, suggesting that he could write songs to help Ikon D Link, and then staked his claim to the 'Icon' name. 

"Jamaica people, a wah this? You nuh see say is a man go go this, big pooty cat this, Sylvester. Jamaican people, ah joke this. Yu a gwaan like yu a Chris Gayle, yu a gwaan like yu a Bounty bout yu a Icon? Yu a icey mint, yute!" Ikon said in a video making the rounds on social media. 

Marlon Samuels

"Look how far mi climb fi mi name, and some bwoy ah try offa me, memba oonu done fight me, and yu want my yute dem fi suffer youth? Bout Icon? Ah me the people dem love, A who yu? Yu nuh waan live inna mad man shadow? A who yu? Lift up offa mi name yute!  Bout Icon? Gal clown! Gal eediat! Yu nuh fake breast ah mad yu. Bout yu can write song fi me? People, look pon him good, big Thunder Cat inna him Spiderman brief, wah happen to yu Marlon Samuels, ah cricket yu play, yu know nothing bout music?" 

Ikon D Link, formerly the Tower Man, shot to fame when he 'monkeyed' up the radio tower located at ZIP FM in Half-Way Tree and threatened to jump if his single was not played on air. He has since said he regretted the incident and had apologised to the industry and disc jock ZJ Liquid for his actions. 

Marlon Samuels, the man who goes by the name Icon, has made songs such as 'Spoon Head', dissing selector Foota Hype. Last year, he threatened to sue Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett for damage to his reputation.

In 2017, Samuels successfully sued former Australian cricketer Geoff Lawson and broadcaster 2KY for defamation. Lawson had made erroneous, malicious and unjustifiable when he suggested that Samuels is connected to shady persons in Jamaica.

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