Monday 28 September, 2020

Idris Elba invites fans to "pound his yams" for Valentines

The invitation comes with conditions, however,  as it is tied to Omazes latest charity fundraising campaign for W.E. Can Lead, an initiative dedicated to ensuring schoolgirls in Sierra Leone receive equal access to education.

To win the opportunity to spend time with Elba, fans will have to donate money to the cause. Donations range from US$10 to $25,000 and with each donation 

You will be given a specific number of entries with each donation so $10 gets you 100 entries while $25,000 gets you 250,000 entries.

Already, two sets of entries are sold out with only one slot remaining for the 250,000 entries.

In the video promoting the campaign, Elba promises the lucky winner champagne and an opportunity to pound his yams.

"We will get things started off with cocktails, or perhaps, Champagne and once you are feeling comfortable we can order whatever your heart desires. Maybe some truffles, pepper steak or Fou Fou, that's an African dish. You pound the yams and you know what, I'll let you pound my yams," he said.

The lucky fan will join Idris for a candlelit meal at one of his favorite restaurants, where they will enjoy delicious conversation and great food.

There are 34 days left for the promotion.


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