Monday 20 May, 2019

ICYMI: Holness hits back at Phillips, says PNP most corrupt in region

Andrew Holness

Andrew Holness

President of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), Dr Peter Phillips, on Sunday launched a broadside against the government on corruption. 

“What we have today in Jamaica is the most corrupt organisation that has ever held office in the history of our country since Independence,” Phillips asserted at the party's annual 80th Annual Conference at the National Arena. 

He pointed to the $600 million de-bushing scandal, the $8 million phone bill scandal that engulfed former Finance Minister, Audley Shaw; the police used car scandal, the Petrojam scandal, among others.

“The Government has more scandal than you have scandal bags inna Riverton City (landfill),” the Opposition Leader remarked.

“And then we have the super scandal, the Petrojam scandal. That one has everything in it. It’s like all the other scandals in one.”

But Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in response to Phillips, turned the table on the Opposition leader and went a step further in accusing the PNP of being the most corrupt political organisation in the Caribbean. Speaking at a JLP Area Council Two meeting in Old Harbour on Sunday night, he supported his allegation with a string of scandals which rocked PNP administrations of the past, including the Shell waiver, Finsac and Trafigura scandals.

Watch the video below.

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