Thursday 26 November, 2020

How to: Labour Day at home with kids during COVID-19

Get the kids involved in Labour Day activities both indoor and outdoor. (AP Photo)

Get the kids involved in Labour Day activities both indoor and outdoor. (AP Photo)

May 25 is as much a part of their day as it is for their parents, so don’t think we forgot about the juniors.

Though things have taken a turn this year, Plan As, Bs, and Cs have been vetoed for 'Plan Right Here, Right Now'.

Your typical annual activities may need a little zhooshing, primarily because of the lockdown.

This just means we’ve got to get creative and skip the atypical, run-of-the-mill Labour Day activities.

The team at has provided some funtivities the juniors will love, and we’ve Jamaican-nised the list and added our own little twist.

And, when the workday is complete, though the kids may be tired, get them involved in preparing dinner; each person has a responsibility in completing the task.

This one's two-fold. There's an indoor activity vid for the little ones 10 DIY Indoor Activities for Kids during Quarantine! by YouTuber Raven Elyse here...

...and our list of seven Labour Day activities for children in lockdown.

The funitivities await…

1 Get grateful!

Write thank you letters to loved ones. Koffee would tell you in a heartbeat, “gratitude is a must”, so remind the kids to be generous and grateful by teaching them to write thank you letters.

2 Get into the music!

Make Reggae-coloured popsicles and fruit skewers. For a special treat, dip the fruits in melted chocolate, marshmallow, or cheese.

3 Get creative to get learning

Create a Labour Day lesson plan and incorporate art, language arts, and history activities to teach the young’uns about the importance and history of the holiday as well as keep them on track with their current school curriculum.


Happy Labor Day! 🍎👮🏼‍♀️🚒 This morning my 4-year-old raced out the door to greet the garbage truck driver with a big THANK YOU for all his help. I watched from the kitchen window as the man’s face lit up. ✨ It’s a thankless job he does every day, and my son and I both felt good about finally recognizing him. 💕 What if we all said thank you” and “good job” more often? How amazing would everyone feel? 🌎🙌🏻 . Also, how cute is this Labor Day footprint art? 😍 If you’re not enjoying the day outside, slap some paint on your kids’ feet and make some adorable memories! 👣 . 📷

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4 Get stomping!

Make footprint vehicles. Paint the bottom of your child's foot with washable paint and help them make a footprint on a piece of paper.

Give them markers, crayons and stickers to help them turn their footprint into their favourite vehicles.

5 Get to making playlists.

Have a virtual sing-a-long with friends. Make a playlist complete with tracks like Rocky Road, Manuel Ground, Brown Girl in the Ring, Jane and Louisa, River Bank Covalley, Rhyme Oh, Little Sally Water, Jamaican Alphabet, Sally When You Marry, Ay-Zuzuma, and your classic folk favourites.

6 Get together while social distancing.

Organize a virtual neighbourhood get-together. Invite all the kids to a virtual concert by compiling a series of kid-proof concerts, then dispatch the Zoom codes, so everyone can get connected. 

7 Get to baking!

Baking has become a welcomed of-the-moment culture shift! From sourdough to banana bread, most everyone since quarantine has practised the skill of baking the household staple.

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