Wednesday 25 November, 2020

Hottaball elated over Cardi B's 'Hot Wuk'

Cardi B

Cardi B

Popular dancehall selector Hottaball is pleased that international rap star Cardi B posted a video of herself singing the hit song, 'Hot Wuk' with Vegas featuring him and Opal. 

The one-minute long video shows Cardi B and what appears to be her back up dancers giving gun finger salutes and wining and cavorting in a moving vehicle while the song plays in the background. 

"I felt amazing knowing that Cardi B, as one of the leading hip hop megastars, is endorsing our song, so this is proof again that music has no boundaries. As Bob said, 'when the music hits, you feel no pain', great music knows no language barriers, no cultural barriers, no era, it just translates to everybody," Hottaball said. 

The 'Hot Wuk' single peaked at #58 on the Billboard R & B charts in October 2007.

The selector just released a new mixtape, 'Bonds and Bit' online. He is in demand on the international dancehall market, being booked for Canada this summer, Europe in November, and for Japan in December.

"The bookings dem a come in, especially for Europe and Japan. The reggae-dancehall crowd love how mi play. Mi have that international flavour and mi always a seek out new songs and new genres, so dem like how mi deal wid my ting," Hotta Ball said.

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