Monday 21 September, 2020

The hot issue: Too sexy for my shorts

This Summer's hot, which means the more skin, the better. (iStock photo)

This Summer's hot, which means the more skin, the better. (iStock photo)

Gentlemen, start your engines. It’s time for the male version of our hot issue: The ‘too sexy for my trunks shorts’ issue.

Last week, we dropped the hot issue for the ladies. This week, we shift gears to level the playing field and help men find some sexy swim options as well.

Yes, we’ve all been restricted access from beaches and rivers by the government for over two months.

However, the re-open orders have landed in the knick of time, and quarantine body or not, many of us are ready to be free in the sea.

Sidebar: for the unruly citizens who refuse to observe the guidelines for the re-opening of the beaches and rivers, you are not helping.

Remember, “No group of more than 10 people will be allowed to congregate at any section of the beach.”

300? 600? is a red flag, and completely unacceptable!

To ensure we get the best of the summer – all while keeping safe, sanitized, and observing safety protocols – we need a few things.

Chief among these is the right swimwear. Other essentials include sunblock, sunnies, flip flops, a beach bag, the list goes on…

Sidenote: All the designers mentioned are capable of making custom fits, so, as one viewer suggested, 'big belly people' can slip into just about any design shown below.

Gentlemen, it’s here…Loop Lifestyle helps you to the right pair of swim trunks or resort alternative for your summer days.

It was unfortunate somewhat that in comparison to the seemingly unending list of female swimwear designers, the male portion was lacking.

These esteemed Caribbean designers provide the perfect cut of swim trunks or resort-ready shorts.



A post shared by Bill Edwards (@billedwardsclothingcompany) on

Bill Edwards (Jamaica)


Carlton Brown (Jamaica)



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Rhion Romany (Trinidad & Tobago)



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Mark Anthony Scott (Jamaica) 



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Premier Gentlemen by Andre Stephens (Jamaica)



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Mark Eastman (Trinidad & Tobago)



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Tribe Nine Studios by Troy Oraine (Jamaica)


Rebels To Dons by Joshua Joseph (Trinidad & Tobago)



A post shared by William McIntosh (@william.mcintosh) on

William McIntosh (Trinidad & Tobago)



A post shared by Peta Odini (@petaodini) on

Peta Odini (St Vincent and the Grenadines)



A post shared by Harvey Robertson (@harvey.robertson) on

Harvey Robertson (Trinidad & Tobago)

If you didn’t see your favourite swim, drop a line at to have it included in the list.

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