Tuesday 22 October, 2019

High command to launch probe as video with female cops goes viral

Screen shot of video showing stressed out cop.

Screen shot of video showing stressed out cop.

The police high command has launched an investigation after a shocking video emerged online showing two police women in a heated argument at a station in St Andrew.

Video footage shows the exchange getting heated to the point where one of the women had to be restrained, bringing activities at the facility to a virtual standstill.


During the video, one female cop accuses her superior of trying to blacklist her from moving up the ranks of the constabulary because she reportedly had incriminating information that could cast the rank of her superiors, including the commissioner of police, in a bad light.

Social media users have reacted in shock to some of the allegations made in the video, with many persons calling for an immediate probe.

Loop News contacted the station where the incident is reported to have unfolded, but all officers at the facility have declined to comment.

“This one is bigger than my paycheck I will respectfully pass the buck to my superiors,” one senior officer of the station told Loop News.

Police sources, who have asked not to be named, said the incident highlights the pressure that lower ranked officers come under from their superiors - a development that places rank and file officers under severe stress.

Reports have also reached Loop News that the female cop who made the allegations about her superior is being monitored after it appeared that she had a nervous breakdown during the stand-off.

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