Friday 23 August, 2019

Hi-Pro shares best practises with pineapple farmers

Nearly 200 pineapple farmers learnt ways to achieve maximum yields, while lowering production costs.

Nearly 200 pineapple farmers learnt ways to achieve maximum yields, while lowering production costs.

The Hi-Pro Division of the Jamaica Broilers Group continued its education programme with farmers in St. Elizabeth by hosting a farmers’ seminar for pineapple growers in Ginger Hill.

Nearly 200 farmers learnt ways to achieve maximum yields, while lowering production costs through the proper use of Hi-Pro’s high quality insecticides, foliar fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides and Diamond R granular fertilizers.

One farmer, Lance Arnold, said the session was an eye-opener. 

He said he has already seen good results from the use of the Hi-Pro products and is looking forward to a high yield at the next crop towards the end of the year.

“I set my one-acre pineapple farm for two crops a year and the second crop coming up should be one of my best.  The plants have started to look healthy. I think the Hi-Pro technical sales representatives should come to this area at least twice a year.  We should now do even better with our pineapples,” said Arnold.

The pineapple farmer, said he will be been spreading the word ways to maximize yields to those farmers who were unable to attend.

Dagreon Burton, Technical Sales Representative for Hi-Pro said the response from the farmers in Ginger Hill was positive and encouraging.

He said Ginger Hill is the largest producing area for pineapples on the island, primarily because of the constant rainfall the area receives. Most of the farmers, he noted, have 1 acre to 3-acre plots, with about 15% of farmers in the area owning 10 acres and over.

“The demand for the Hi-Pro products at the event was so high, we sold most of what we had on display,” Burton said.

Among the items demonstrated were the Flash insecticide, which reduces infestation of such insects as the pineapple fruit fly, ants, scale and thrips. The Zampro and Odeon fungicides, as well as Break-Thru were introduced to the farmers.  Break-Thru, they were told, is an adjuvant which works in a similar manner to surfactants, reducing the run-off of chemicals from the plant.  The chemical mixture is spread rapidly over the surface of the leaves in all directions and penetrates the plant tissues, taking the chemical to the inside of the plant for better efficacy, while reducing chemical usage and improving rain steadfastness.

Also making presentations to the pineapple farmers was Eddy Arias, overseas representative for Round Up herbicide.  He explained that the product is used for land preparation by burning grass and broad leaf weeds.  He said Round Up contains a surfactant which spreads rapidly over the surface of the leaf of the grass and weed, thereby showing signs of burning in a very quick time.  According to Arias, once the solution touches the soil it breaks down and becomes inactive.

Marlon Gordon, Technical Sales Representative for Hi-Pro, who presented on Nutrition, advised the farmers on the use of the Diamond R granular fertilizer, which contains 100 per cent bio-solids.  As an organic material, it is used to retain moisture, improve soil fertility and aid in microbial action.

He updated them on Suretrex, which promotes good root hair development to aid in the uptake of nutrients from the soil.  Mr. Gordon told his audience that  the more root hair produced by a plant, the better the crop yield, as root hairs are primarily responsible for the uptake of nutrients, water and other valuable minerals required by the plant.

He also addressed the benefits of the ammonium nitrated Diamond R- a useable form of nitrogen readily available for the plant- and just one more of a wide range of Diamond R products distributed by Hi-Pro to improve efficiencies on the farm.



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