Wednesday 19 June, 2019

Here’s What We Know on the World Cup roller-coaster ride so far

The World Cup of football is on in earnest, with surprises aplenty in the midst of the action that can in no way be described as boring.

In fact, for some, it has been close to a heart-stopping experience.

Not to be left out of the picture in any sense, Jamaicans have generally been consequently displaying pretty much all kinds of emotion in support of their fancied teams and against them when they falter; and likewise, the opposing teams for either good or poor showings.

In really good fun and the true spirit of the game, local fans can be guaranteed to have a ready opinion on any subject matter relative to the World Cup at present.

So likewise, ‘Here’s What We Know’ is venturing into the fun – but for many, heartbreaking – zone, with a perspective on the tournament up to this stage (on Friday).

Clearly nothing is cast in stone, as the outcome of each game depends on what really transpires on the field of play in each contest, and not much has been going the way of the popular initial prediction script for the big tournament.

So Here’s What We Know in the form of our two cents’ worth on the tournament so far, in this video that was edited by Shawn Barnes.


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