Friday 25 September, 2020

'Heavy-foot, rogue' bus operator finally nabbed by the police

The police say they have arrested a rogue bus operator who has been on the run for several weeks.

The cops said the bus operator, who was known to traverse Mandela Highway, has been behind a string of vehicular attacks on police personnel carrying out duties on the particular roadway and further afield.

The police said the man, who was wanted for approximately eight serious breaches of the Road Traffic Act, was held during an operation that was carried out on Mandela Highway on Wednesday.

“Police continue to have problems with this driver. For some time he has escaped from several police spot checks, and while doing so, has made attempts to run over police officers carrying out operations at these spot checks,” said a senior officer from the Ferry Police Station in St Catherine.

The senior officer said the driver was held after he was signaled to stop while travelling on the busy roadway, but again refused to comply, and drove away, almost running down officers in the process.

The cop revealed that when the man was finally held, his excuse was that he has medical problems, which resulted in his dangerous behaviour behind the wheel of the public passenger bus.

“He used medical reasons to try and gain sympathy from the police, saying he is diabetic, and also argued that he suffers from fainting spells," the senior police officer indicated.

Two months ago, the accused driver reportedly drove away a bus from Duhaney Park after he was stopped by the police. In that incident, he allegedly led law enforcers on a high-speed chase all the way to Half-Way Tree.

The police said he attempted to pull off a similar stunt on Wednesday, but was unsuccessful on that occasion and was held after a much shorter chase.

The name of the driver has not been released as he is still being questioned by investigators, and no charge has yet been laid against him.

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