HAYLES OF A MESS: OCG recommends criminal probe of Ian Hayles, wife, mother

The contractor general has recommended that the police launch an investigation of into alleged fraud committed by PNP MP for West Hanover Ian Hayles, his wife Charlotte Alexander-Hayles and his mother Pauline Gray.

The allegations surrounds the construction of the Just One Plaza in Orange Bay, Hanover allegedly without the permission of the Hanover Municipal Council, and which allegedly involved the forging of a land surveyor’s signature. And the selling of the property on which the plaza is constructed.

“The contractor general is…referring Mrs Charlotte Alexander-Hayles and Mr Ian Hayles to the commissioner of police for further investigation, having found prima facie, evidence of forgery, given that the referenced plan is false document,” Harrison said in a 200-plus page report on the issue.

“The OCG is referring Mrs Pauline Gray (nee Brown) to the commissioner of police for further investigation with respect to the circumstances under which lot 24 Cousins Cove was sold to her by Pauline Hojan and Mr Gerald Hojan,” the report states.

The report was set to be tabled in Parliament Tuesday but Hayles, a former state minister, obtained an injunction in the Supreme Court barring its tabling until a later court hearing.

In the report — sections of which was obtained by Loop News — the contractor general also recommended that a copy of the said report be sent to Local Government Minister Desmond McKenzie and Permanent Secretary Denzil Thorpe “for his considered action on the failure of the Hanover Parish Council to employ the applicable sanctions commensurate with the breaches perpetrated by the principals of the Just One Plaza and Cousins Cove…”

“The aforementioned developments were undertaken without the issuance of planning and building permits from the Hanover Parish Council, and as such breached Section 3 of the Parish Council Act,” the report continued.  

The report stated further that work on the plaza continued in "wanton disregard for a cease and desist order from the parish council".

According to the contractor general report, the plaza was built by a company owned by Gray and MP Hayles’ step-daughter. The company, according to the report, was established on the direction of Mrs Hayles.

During the probe by the OCG, Harrison said that Hayles submitted to his office an unsigned copy of a document which suggested that the Hanover Parish Council had approved the project.

In addition, the OCG said Hayles' wife had submitted to the Hanover Parish Council a Sketch Plan and Surveyor Certificate in relation to Cousins Cove'.

The plan and certificate purported to have the signature of Land Surveyor Andrew Bromfield. However, Bromfield told the OCG that he didn’t sign the document and that it contained a stamp he no longer used.