Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Have you paid your traffic ticket? Amnesty ends Tuesday

Hundreds of motorists are visiting Tax Offices island wide on Tuesday, October 31, the final day of the traffic ticket amnesty.

According to the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), it has put a number of measures in place to deal with the heavy crowd.

The TAJ in a news release said it has increased security at all its collection points with additional support from the Jamaica Constabulary Force for crowd control and traffic management.

So far just over $400 million has been collected since the start of the Traffic Ticket Amnesty on August 2.

TAJ’s personnel are on hand at Tax Offices to guide taxpayers to the appropriate service areas, as well as to provide information to help with the smooth flow of customer traffic throughout the day.

However, the tax authority is advising business persons who had not filed their GCT Returns ahead of the October 31 due date, to expect delays as it coincides with the final day of the Traffic Ticket Amnesty, and it is expected that hundreds of motorists may be paying their outstanding tickets, thereby increasing the waiting time at Tax Offices.

For even greater convenience motorists and business persons may use TAJ’s online option, which allows them to pay their Traffic Ticket and or file their GCT Return or make the payment up to 11:59 pm on October 31, without facing any penalty. Persons may use a valid credit card to make payment online at www.jamaicatax.gov.jm from the convenience of their home, office or mobile device. This can also be done using the eSpot facility available in major Tax Offices, with on spot support.

Motorists are reminded that they must have the traffic ticket or traffic ticket number to make a payment inline or online. Persons are advised to contact the JCF special Traffic Ticket Call Centre at 948-0411 for information on outstanding tickets.

Once the Traffic Ticket Amnesty deadline has passed, the system used in the collection of traffic ticket fines will revert to its original state, which will result in all tickets not paid within 21 days as prescribed by law, not being payable at any Tax Office or through the online system and the individual must instead attend court.

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