Thursday 9 April, 2020

Haulage truck dumps gravel, oil on Edward Seaga Highway

A truck overturned Friday evening on the Edward Seaga Highway, spilling a portion of the gravel it was carrying, as well as oil, onto the busy thoroughfare.

The truck was heading north and overturned close to the ending of the highway near Mammee Bay in St Ann, resulting in traffic almost having to come to a stop to navigate through the area.

When the Loop News team reached the accident scene, firefighters from the St Ann's Bay Fire Station were conducting clean-up exercise operations by taking dirt from the hillside to throw on the oil.

The truck was laying on its side on the right-hand section of the roadway, and the driver side of the windscreen was broken, with the roof also smashed in.

It was unclear how many persons were travelling in the truck at the time, and if they were injured, as the firefighters said they came on the scene after the person or persons had left the scene.

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