Monday 6 July, 2020

Gun-toting robbers plague Whitehall Gardens in St Andrew

Residents of Whitehall Gardens in St Andrew are again under the gun.

Armed men have been robbing residents of the community at will at any hour of the day or night.

A resident told Loop News that gunmen held her up and stole her handbag, cell phone and other possessions while she made her way to work one morning recently.

“The car just drive up and two man jump out and say ‘Hey gal, gimmi dem deh’. They grabbed my bag, took my phone out my hand and searched my pockets, as I was wearing a pants. I had only $500 for bus fare and they took that too. Now I have to go and get back my TRN, NIS and passport. There was no money in my bag and is a little Android ‘banger’ I had,” the woman said.

A male resident of the community said he narrowly escaped being robbed, by taking evasive action when he came under threat.

“I was on my way to the shop owned by the Rasta man when a car that was driving behind me, dimmed their lights and slowed down. I felt that something was strange and never take no check. Me just jump mi brethren fence and hide behind some hedges and them drive off,” the man said.

Residents of the community in general said that despite many reports to the Constant Spring Police Station, and pleas for more police patrolling of the community, they have not seen any increased police presence there.

“We are calling on the police to assist us law-abiding citizens to live in peace. The vermins are making our lives hell. Please help us by patrolling this community more regularly, especially in the nights,” an elderly resident told Loop News.

Whitehall Gardens is bordered by Red Hills Road to the south, Whitehall Avenue to the west and North and Carlisle avenues to the east.

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