Saturday 20 July, 2019

Gun play reportedly directed at spouse lands firearm holder in jail

Another licensed gun holder has been taken into police custody for reportedly using his firearm in a controversial manner in the Duhaney Park area of St Andrew.

Reports are that on Monday of this week the firearm holder got involved in an argument with a woman who is believed to be his common-law wife.

During the argument, he reportedly abused the woman and fired a single shot on the ground close to her feet.

Indications are that the impact of, and reaction to the bullet hitting the ground so close by her, left the woman injured.

The police were called and the man was taken into custody and his firearm seized.

The incident came days after another licensed firearm holder, a landlord, reportedly shot and injured a tenant of his at a property in the same community.

Reports are that the two men got into an argument and explosions were heard. The tenant was subsequently found suffering from gunshot wounds.

The injured man went into a vehicle and was trying to drive himself to a hospital, when he lost consciousness and the vehicle ended up crashing into a wall.

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