Tuesday 14 July, 2020

Gun accused freed after 'sports journalist' admits to a lying habit

A 29-year old man was on Tuesday freed of gun and robbery charges in the Supreme Court after the complainant, in cross-examination, admitted to having a total of 23 previous convictions or misdemeanours which related to dishonest conduct.

The complainant, who identified himself as a ‘freelance sports journalist’, had alleged that the accused man, Kevin Gayle, robbed him at gunpoint of his cell phone on the evening of July 13, 2015, while the complainant was walking from a sports event at Sabina Park in downtown Kingston, where the complainant said he was working on the day in question.

Gayle, however, said he did not commit any robbery with any gun, and was only trying to get back money from the complainant after the latter had failed to deliver on a business deal between the two men.

It was further highlighted in cross-examination that the complainant had misrepresented a number of things in his written statement to the police about the incident.

At the end of the prosecution’s case, defence attorney Peter Champagnie submitted that the complainant’s evidence was devoid of credibility, and did not measure up to the charges as alleged.

The court agreed and a verdict of not guilty was handed down.

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